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Have you ever walked in to a Bunnings store to buy smoke alarms and been confronted with a wall of different smoke alarms? It can be very confusing.

What sort do I need? Are they compliant? Which one is better? Why are some more expensive than others? Which one offers the best protection? Should I just buy the cheapest? And does the assistant have any more of an idea than you?

At Smoke Alarm Store, we are Australia’s trusted source for smoke alarms. We don’t just sell the widest range of smoke alarms – we provide independent and unbiased advice on which are the most suitable alarms for you and your home. You can contact us by email or directly by telephone for helpful advice prior to making a decision on which smoke alarms you should purchase.

We are smoke alarm experts.

Over the last 10 years our team has provided smoke alarms, servicing, advice and installation of smoke alarms to more 200,000 Australian homes. There is virtually nothing our team doesn’t know about smoke alarms, legislation, installations, maintenance and troubleshooting – and we are just a phone call away.

And to save you time and hassle, you can even find on our website a professional to install your new alarms for you. With just a couple of clicks you can connect with a qualified smoke alarm installer. Job done.

Smoke Alarm Store is 100% Australian owned and operated and is the only dedicated online smoke alarm website.

Deciding which smoke alarm to buy is a very important decision. Your smoke alarm could one day save your life and it’s important to have smoke alarms that will protect you and your family. Want to know the best smoke alarm in Australia that you should buy? Just ask us.